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Hilton Head Island Plantations

Hilton Head Island Plantations

The Hilton Head Plantations are a dozen exclusive communities on the Island . The above map shows the location of each plantation. Click on that plantation area on the map or follow the respective Plantation link on the right for more information on each Plantation.

The "Off Plantation" areas of Hilton Head Island are comprised of separate distinct pockets of residential and higher density units of home ownership. The "off plantation" properties are located in neighborhoods that are not gated, and does not offer 24-hour security.

Of the off plantation neighborhoods, one of the more sizable areas is the Forest Beach. This neighborhood is divided by the Coligny Circle, which separates the higher density beach condominiums at South Forest Beach from the more residential area of North Forest Beach.

The off plantation areas are popular because they offer more affordable ownership and yet still provide access to all the many amenities that Hilton Head Island has to offer.

In the South Forest Beach area, an extensive variety of condominium types are available with easy access to the beach.

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